Breedlove Guitars: The Whole Body Is Alive

American Musical Breedlove Guitar Story

Source Credit – American Musical Breedlove Guitar Story

Breedlove Guitar Story

When someone tells you the whole body of a guitar as a live that is a big statement. That is exactly what Devin Percell said to Freddy Charles when he met with Breedlove to get the inside story on how the company makes its guitars. Because so much innovation and craftsmanship goes into creating Breedlove guitars, insiders like Devin consider them living works of art. Take this – quoted from the AMS Breedlove story – as an example of how Breedlove meticulously studies every component of creating a guitar: “Breedlove set about studying the variable densities within each exotic tonewood that they use in their guitars—a diverse assortment that includes Adirondack spruce, cocobolo, Brazilian rosewood, Honduran mahogany, and even kauri from New Zealand. To complicate matters, each individual tree can have up to thirty percent variance in density, even when cut in identical dimensions.”  To read more go to the bottom of