Review of Fender MGT4 footswitch for Mustang GT amps

Footswitches serve guitarist by switching between rhythms swiftly and smoothly. To have a smooth and stunning transition between rhythms and tones, you can try the Fender MGT4 footswitch. Fender MGT4 footswitch is included with Mustang GT 200, it can be connected to the Fender Mustang GT 40 and GT100 as well. However, these two models do not include the footswitch; hence you can buy it online via AMS at $79.99 only.

Fender Mustang MGT4 Footswitch

The Fender MGT4 footswitch is compatible with amplifiers mentioned above. As the Fender Mustang GT series have Wifi connectivity, you get to choose various presets and effects through this footswitch. With so many full power options, a footswitch makes your Fender Mustang amplifier a complete super combo package because this combination can take your music to an exclusive level altogether.

Fender MGT4 footswitch is sleek and stylish to look at, it is black in color and has four silver colored buttons on it. Fender MGT4 footswitch is a pedalboard- friendly unit. Guitarist can transit between clean sounds to distorted sounds smoothly by using the Fender MGT4 footswitch. Fender MGT4 Footswitch for Mustang GT Amps Features Bypass effects, Activate the tuner option, option to select Quick Access presets (QA1/QA2/QA3), Select presets option (up/down/bank) and you can record and playback loop functions on Mustang GT 40 / 100 / 200. The exclusive feature of this footswitch is that it unlocks Mustang GT’s 60- second looper functionality wherein there are buttons to record, overplay, dub and stop on it.

Fender MGT4 footswitch user reviews ranges from excellent to good, as this device gives you smooth transition between different tones of music. Once, you use this fender footswitch you will get the highs of playing music with the tap of your toe as well. While your hands are creating amazing tunes, your musical soul can use your whole body creatively with these gadgets to give you a melodious treat of music.

The amp and the footswitch both play a key role in impacting the rhythm of the music. Musicians who value quality sound can opt for this Fender footswitch. There are presets and channels in the footswitch, when you combine it with the Fender Mustang amplifier of your choice you can experience the magic of your music with these gadgets.

Fender Mustang amplifiers chromatic tuner is accessible with the Fender MGT4 footswitch; this gives artist the options for better tuning which in turn gives us wonderful music. Fender MGT4 footswitch has hands free access, you can also view info on the vibrant LED screen while playing music through it. This makes it user friendly and likeable. We have found Fender footswitch to be very good as these are innovative and durable; the Fender MGT4 footswitch is one of Fender’s versatile creations as well.


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